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Petsitter Loves Benefits of Bone Broth for Dogs

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By Gail J. Carlson
Doggie Bone Broth

The late Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society told his students to “Suck the marrow of life,” and to carpe diem, “Seize the day.” Literally, deep inside bones lies very healing ingredient that have been proven to be healing for not just humans but canines too!

Before we bark about bone broth for dogs, let’s do a quick overview on the “superfood”. Bone broth is typically made from three ingredients: Meat or chicken bones (although any bones can be used) cooked on low in a crockpot or slow cooker in purified water, an acid like twp tablespoons of apple cider vinegar which helps draw minerals, such as calcium and phosphorus, out from the bones. The bones are then simmered for 24-72 hours. It’s during the simmering process that the beneficial nutrients are released from the bones. When it is done remove all the bones and let the broth cool in the refrigerator, then remove the layer of fat left at the top. A gelatin-like liquid will be remaining.

As your professional pet sitter I love to continue my education in pet care and that means diet, yes pet diets are really important. We have blogged about the vast importance in reading the ingredients in the retail mail pet food kibble and wet food.

Truly, do you feed you best fur friend food with sugar, corn syrup, corn, rice? Many other sugars are not healthy for your dog.

If you can please try making the bone broth and adding a few 1/2 cups into your dogs meals. It is totally safe and healthy!! I really enjoy making the bone broth for my on fur child dog, and I know it is great for you dogs too!
The reason why bone broth has become an amazing superfood is partially due to is the gelatin, where many of the healing nutrients of bone broth are concentrated. You can serve the bone broth to your dog straight out of the refrigerator, giving her its high content of bio-available minerals, as well as nutrients such collagen, gelatin and glucosamine.
Collagen, gelatin and glucosamine are proteins that have been shown to improve joint health, boost the immune system and repair the intestinal lining. Bone broth also contains proline, an amino acid found in collagen that’s been shown to boost the immune system and promote faster wound healing.
There is no question that bone broth helps our dogs with: improving immunity, digestion, healthy bones, and reduced inflammation. Bone broth is also suggested by industry professionals and holistic veterinarians for adding to the diet of dogs with cancer. As a food that promotes healthy joints, a strong immune system and improving intestinal health, all members of the family can eat/drink it, including cats and dogs. Bone appetite! And call us for any pet sitting needs this summer.


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