What My Clients Say About Me!

"Our two Australian Shepherds love it when Auntie Gail takes care of them. She gives them all their medications and many trips to the park for play."

Andrea and Mario S.   

"Auntie Gail is a lifesaver. Our three dogs love her, she is clean and honest. Our dogs are relaxed and content whenever we come home which is comforting."

Michelle M. and John R.   

"Gail has been walking my dogs for about 3 years, she also occasionally house sits them for me. Gail has always been reliable, responsible and very conscientious while caring for my beloved animals."

Mary T.   

"I'm a special needs boy and very insecure. Auntie Gail knows just how to put me at ease. A lot of people are afraid of me cause they think I look scarey. I'm 10 yrs old and was abused by my former owner, am a big dog with my Chow-Chow/Shepard mix. My mom was afraid to leave me with strangers until Auntie Gail arrived. Now she takes me to the park and we've even had a sleep over. While I'm never happy when mom leaves, at least now I know Auntie Gail will make everything A OK. Love you. Hugs, DodgerDog"

Vicki C.   

" Gail is the most professional and compassionate dog person I have ever known and had the wonderful luck to have found. She helped me care for my aging lab while getting me ready to move on. She is a godsend to all with dogs. And one hell of a dog trainer as well."

Liz T.   

"Gail is the only professional pet sitter we will allow to take care of our dogs and home while we are away. We love her."

Michael M.   

"We have two Westies, two Golden Retrievers, and several cats. She shows them a real mothers love when mom's away. She is outstanding with her care and shes each pet love and affection. I never worry about their safety when they are with Auntie Gail."

Rod and Judy K.   

"I would highly recommend Gail to take extra-special care of your pets while you are away. She watched my Bichon and Toy Poodle for me while I was in NY for a week. They are both very spoiled so I asked her to take them into her home. She even let them sleep in her bed with her, since that's what they are accustomed to. She took them to the dog park, fed them a raw food diet per my request, and sent me text updates and photos so I didn't worry about them during my trip. They seemed happy and well-adjusted when I picked them up and they really enjoy Gail's company so we will definitely use her services again. You can tell she really loves animals and makes them feel at ease. She's a fantastic pet-sitter!"

Diana H.   

Hi Gail, Just wanted to let you know that Marbles was so relaxed and content when we came home Tuesday. She looked very happy. Thanks again for taking care of her while we were gone. Best, Virginia

Virginia M.   

Gail put me at ease so we could enjoy our vacation! I knew our cat was well taken care of and Gail's text message updates always made me smile. All our pet's needs were met and Gail got our mail and turned lights on. Best service ever!

Jackie Sanders   

"Gail is the best!! We've had Gail take care of our 3 dogs for the past 3 years. They love her and are so excited to see her when she comes. She truly loves all animals and gives my dogs the hugs and love they need when I'm away. Just as important to me is that I TRUST her with my babies-- one time one of my dogs was sick and Gail knew she needed to see a vet. Gail got my ok and gave her the medicine and TLC until I got back from my trip. She'll send me text photos of them and it helps to see that they're happy and doing ok without me!"

Barb K.   

"Gail has been watching our puppy Romy for nearly a year and does an excellent job. Romy looks forward to her twice daily walk and play sessions when we are unable to attend to her needs. I can highly recommend Gail to anyone, who needs a reliable and caring pet sitter."

Babett O.   

"Gail is a lifesaver. She is like family and we appreciate her flexability with our schedules."

Livi S.   

"Gail has taken care of my two precious dog while my son and I have gone through a transition in our life. I thank Gail for taking care of our girls all these months. I am so grateful."

Celeste S.   

"My ten year old dog Maggie is well cared fore while I am out of town and is happy and safe with Auntie Gail."

Nancy N.   

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