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Bugs and Drugs

Bugs and Drugs

Our pets are part of the family, and we want to protect them, right? That’s why I’m your pet sitter or dog walker, guardian. The family love we feel means we want to keep them safe from danger, including bugs like: ticks, mosquitoes, and other insects that can carry disease.

Many of the products on the market today that are routinely recommended by vets and used by pet parents to repel fleas are harsh, chemical-based, and some can be dangerous. Some are so dangerous that they can cause really scary side effects in your beloved pets.

The new products are convenient for us, with no thinking involved. But what about that pill you just gave your dog or that spot on chemical sitting on the back of their neck?

New pet health information now shows that some ORAL and spot-on or topical repellents, flea collars may be dangerous.

👉🏽Lately there is a buzz for new class of drug on the market for killing fleas and ticks on our pets, an isoxazoline. It comes in an easy to administer oral, chewable pill (by prescription only drug). It also has had warnings from the FDA way back in 2018.

Did your vet warn you of these side effects? Do they even know about the possibility of most serious side effects from the products they are recommending?

👉🏽Bravecto, Nexguard, Symparica, and Credelio, are causing an uproar from pet parents who’s dogs have actually died after using them.

📌The FDA warned that these drugs can have side effects including: gastrointestinal symptoms including vomiting, diarrhea, excessive saliva, or drool.

Sadly, the product labels have not been updated to warn pet parents of the potential side effects. Some people and vets say dogs have ALLEGEDLY died using the above drugs.

☄️Braveco claims a safe 1 dose for 12 weeks of flea and tick protection in you dog. Yet, the dangerously high levels of pesticide stays in your pets bloodstream for a long time.

Reports have included Bravecto causes nervous system problems such as lethargy, nervousness, pulling and biting out their fur, tremors, and seizures. I am very concerned about these products as even the press releases and national advertising say it’s safe.

I realize many people choose oral, spot on or collars for their pets to kill fleas on their pets because they are convenient and effective. But there is too much evidence now of the potential negative consequences for our pets. Our pets deserve better because they ARE family and under our charge.

😩Ticks are hearty little critters, and it is pretty hard to kill them. So anytime a new drug that claims to kill ticks is on the market it has to be REALLY strong chemicals. I’m sounding the alarm.

👉🏽Thankfully, there are natural flea and tick remedies like Flea & Tick Defense, Spot On Topical Herbal Repellent, Herbal Repellent Collar, and the Tick Stick which are none chemical options for repelling bugs.

Some of these non toxic products have special blends of oils that originated from the indigenous people living in the rainforest in Brazil, where it is very lush and a breeding ground for fleas, ticks, and mosquitos.

Ask anyone who has had chemo how long they felt terrible, if they are lucky enough to beat the tumors, and if they ever recovered from ” chemo brain.” I watched my brother suffer from the effects of chemo and it’s wretched and it’s painful. Why wouldn’t it be just as bad for your pet to ingest these super strong chemicals? Your dog/cat having seizures or suffering after you’ve given then this drug is heartbreaking to the people whose dogs have died as a result of them. I say “danger pet parents”!
Pesticides on our pets fur, skin or in their bloodstream has serious consequences.

I would not want your pets to suffer from the side-effects of these new, super harsh flea and tick chemicals, so buyer beware.

I don’t want to see more pets harmed from these pesticides. I care for animals and it’s my duty to warn.
Your pet may or may not have any problems with these flea and tick medication or pesticides in or on their body. But are you willing to take the risk of harming your pet, over fleas?


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